Never in my life, I would have cared for being judged as a Christian. Sadly, this day has come.

Today, I had a discussion with an instructor that I respected and thought highly of. The discussion we had was based on our class discussion the day before, and it was about the similarities and differences between Buddhism and Christianity. In our class discussion, we got off tangent and began to talk about suffering shown in Buddhism. It’s a long story, but today I went to ask my instructor about suffering in Buddhism- does one suffer until one reaches enlightenment, or is it an eternal suffering? My instructor goes on and explains that the Buddhists believe suffering is part of life and so on and so forth. With this said, I transition to state my opinion about how Christianity and Buddhism have a similarity in which both religions go through suffering to gain an understanding of why we suffer. He agrees and he mentions how suffering is part of life and how religion in a way, teaches us how to cope with it. The conversation goes on and at one point, he mentions about God being omnipotent and all loving, yet questions the purpose and cause of suffering. I don’t quite remember how the rest of the conversation went, other than I taught him that Islam believes/references to in part of Judaism and Christianity. ANYWAYS, the point being is after we had this discussion, I felt upset and a bit worrisome. While I was heading back to the classroom (and throughout a good portion of class), I worried if I made the wrong decision about the things I’ve said. I felt as though my instructor now views me as those “미친 교회다니는 사람” or “crazy church goer.” Not to also mention, I was upset knowing how my instructor viewed Christianity (or in religion in general). Although I understood where he was coming from, it was just kind of upsetting coming from someone I respected. But whether what I said was the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do… God gave me the reassurance that my job is not to persuade, but to proclaim. In the end, I don’t know what God will do with the conversation we had. Whether if it’s for a greater plan, or whether if it’s just words… I trust God’s purpose and reasoning.

My school needs Jesus.

I need Jesus.

We all need Jesus.